LUAL Games
Based in Zürich, Switzerland

Release date:

PC and Mac with controller support / Steam Deck / Switch




Eldritch Empathy is a Lovecraftian rogue-lite in which you learn the language of an eldritch horror. Use your research notes, tools, and gadgets to learn more about the twisted creatures that followed in its wake… or simply kill them and deal with the consequences. What matters is that you banish these things before your world succumbs to chaos and corruption; Your decisions determine the fate of humanity. Some call it god, others call it death - what will it be to you?


  • Learn the language of an eldritch horror
  • Multilinear story exploring empathy vs. violence
  • A rogue-lite with strategic combat, inspired by "Papers, Please"
  • Combination of 2D pixel art and 3D monsters


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Part of selected Swiss Games Showcase and Mentorship Program 2024" Issued by ProHelvetia, December 2024
  • "Showcased at Courage On Tour" GDC, March 2024
  • "Showcased at European Games Showcase" GDC, March 2024
  • "Interactive Media Grant - Pre-Production" Issued by ProHelvetia, June 2024

About LUAL Games

LUAL Games is a two-woman indie studio from Switzerland founded by Anna-Lena Pontet and Luzia Hüttenmoser. We started making games together while studying Game Design in 2021 and haven’t stopped since. Our first title "I doesn't exist" was published with DreadXP in 2023 - now we are cooking up our second narrative project. We are all about stories that make players think - even after they finished the game. We want to contribute to the Swiss game scene not only as women in the game industry but also as passionate indie designers.

More information
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